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Art of the Firemages

The Friday night has almost finished it’s job, and was waiting for the birth of a new day, with the curiousity, what the midnight can brings to us. We were sitting at the Dragon nest, and was enjoying the heat, what came from the sand below us. Slowly a circle begun to establish from the curious Ozorians, and cradles of fire had outgrown from the ground.

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The music had slowly changed, to make space for the higher frequencies of the firemages. A young man in black clothes had taken a few steps in the sand, and had showed the end of his staff to the fireplace. The first of the ancient elements begun to rise, and creeped up on the staff from it’s birthplace. Then the connection between the dancers and the fire had manifested itself into an otherwordly dance in the beautiful space made by the waves of the music.

After the show I felt some calling to take a walk towards the mainstage, where the children of the midnight celebrated the newcoming day. As I approached the crowd, I felt some interesting and never-before-felt vibes from the big fireplace. My eyes slowly focused on four firemages who just begun their dance.The strange feeling was not a coincidence: their movements and tricks with their hoops and staffs were incredible, only one with the highest level of focus is able to do such movements. This focus settled the dancers to the the beautiful realms of the higher frequencies. Their peace and their strong inner balance were able to make a magical fusion with the fire, to conjure up the soul of the ancient dragons through the flames.

At the end of the show we felt gratitude while slowly returned to the 3rd dimension. We returned with the proof, that we are just creating a new civilization, where the One counsciousness can reveal itself through our presence.

Feeling of peace and certainity rose within us knowing, that our task is only to be present at the only existing timespace: the infinite now.

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